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Here's What You Get:
  • Unlimited live classes with Jamie and other successful domainers twice a week for as long as you want
  • Watch Jamie's screen LIVE, directed by you through the chat box
  • Get unrestricted access to Jamie through his online class
  • Discover how to experience domain flipping miracles
  • Chat with Jamie personally 
  • Have Jamie mine and find for you
  • Be able to bounce domains off Jamie to make sure you're doing it right
  • Check with Jamie before you sell!
Whats up guys..


You're now a member of Domainer Elite.

and I want to make absolutely sure that you watch this entire video.

Don't click off the page because we need to customize your account now.

You will NEVER see this video again, and I have some golden gems to give ya so make sure to watch the entire thing…

Ok so look.. You understand the concept..

DomainerElite software is my personal solution to finding REALLY REALLY good domain names.. (Which I might add is the hard part when it comes to trading and investing in domain names.)

And as I was telling you, after years and years of doing it manually, searching for expired domains, finding lists of words and cross referencing them with godaddy..

I automated it.

So in a couple seconds you are going to have your hands on the software.

You're going to love the speed at which you can find domain names that are actually worth something and then you're going to watch my video instruction and you'll have the exact recipe, settings and price points I used to do over $1,000,000 in domain name sales.

Now I know from past experience that students confront unforeseeable challenges depending on their own personal expertise, budget, understanding, location, and many other factors and you WILL have questions.

That's fine, youre only human.

But because of this I need to tell you about a perfect solution to making sure you are 100% successful with the most rewarding skill in existence.

For FOUR years now, every Tuesday and Thursday,  I teach an online class.

My "group" as some call it, if you were to ask me is like a family.

HUNDREDS of successful marketers, gurus and domainers began in this class.

You better ask somebody.

My Tuesday and Thursday time slot is at 8PM.

and sometimes we go for 3 hours, we do it twice a week.

I answer every question in the questions box. I do this live.

I hold contests, and it's just an extremely powerful and productive environment.

So I am inviting YOU, to join us.

Experience working as a team.

With me and my other students.

What do you think about that? One way you can know if this is for you? is if you like the idea of a scheduled school.

If you enjoy the thought of college and you did not have the financial ability to do so?

well, you might be really glad that I brought this up you know?

So the way I do it is without a time limit.

You basically sign up, and you can continue to come to class as long as you like.

It's been like that for four years now, so yes..

After doing hundreds of webinars, people still log in and register even though they got in TWO YEARS AGO.

And heck, there's always exciting auctions to analyze,  projects we both take on, and if you're looking to hit the ground running?

Honestly this is the best bet you'll have to getting going fast.

And what do people think about it?

Well first off.. if you are not familiar with my contribution to the affiliate marketing landscape,  you'll definitely be getting a crash course to everything "Jamie Lewis."

I mean there are tons of videos all over youtube and marketing forums,

Interviews, discussions all over social media..

And heck I have even had some pretty interesting debates, some arguments with gurus and marketers that are very well known.

So I encourage you to check it out all for yourself..

and you'll get a ton out of it.

But this class of mine is top notch. I mean we even produced a 3 hour movie that took all of the greatest hits from all of my 400 webinars and compressed them into 4 hours.

Ive got students that were #1 on JVzoo for their first week, warrior plus, clickbank launches,  evergreen clickbank launches, Ive had students who sold their companies for hundreds of thousands of dollars..

And they sell domain names for a living.

I want you to be the next success story.

I just hope you get in. Join us Tuesdays and Thursdays and you'll definitely dig it.

Im usually $1000 an hour on the phone, for individual projects. Im not cheap..

But this is the next best thing. You can spend a pretty significant time with me live..
 And it won't cost you $50,000 for university fees, that you'll see the other consultants charge,

It's a very good happy medium.

Since I do it as a one time fee,  the cost will rival that of a cooking or karate class.

So the more you come, the more affordable the investment becomes.

Look, you probably have noticed.. if you message me on Facebook, it's hard for me to get in touch with you.

I get around 30 messages a day from non-students.

But if you message me in class, you & me are working 1 on 1.

So I encourage you to come at 8PM every Tuesday and Thursday.

Let's make history.

And I'm really just looking forward to meeting you.

Ok? So, let's do this.

It's a one time fee.. easy to sign up below,

And then when you log into your domainerelite account, you'll have all of the webinar registrations for the forseable future right in front of you.

Sign up, register for all of them and attend.

I'll be very happy to help you with all of your endeavors live, personally during the webinar.

See you there.
Access Your Domainer Elite VIP Webinar Coaching for a One-Time Payment of $67 ($130 Discount)
14 Day Money Back Guarantee
 You are 100% safe with our 14 day money back guarantee. If you don't like my webinars and all the value it provides to you then we are going to give you your money back right away! No questions asked! Just say the word and you get every single dime back to your wallet or credit card.
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