Step 2: The Best Training EVER..


I want to go on the Steve Wilkos show and spill the beans, but we all know that ain't gonna happen. Instead, I would like to go over what I have achieved in my rather “interesting,” (To say the least) career making millions on the Internet, so here it goes...

  • I sold the domain "" for $5000 to a guy that emailed me after seeing my domain (I have no idea as it wasn't listed) :O
  • I launched a product on Clickbank (In 2011) that hit #6 on Alexa trends, beating Lady Gaga and Wimbeldon
  • Sold $400,000+ in site/domain sales on Flippa
  • I made 5 Million online with affiliate, vendor, domain and site sales while caring for a special needs child over a 5 year span
  • I owned that Youtube account "Guitar" which got 90 MILLION views.. We made $1500 a day from it
  • How to try to STOP the income if it's too much.. ($200k in AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS flooding into your bank account when youre going through a divorce and it will add to the alimony payment...) but you CAN'T STOP IT... I'll explain why and how if you ask me...
  • Frank Kern was my affiliate back in 2007. For my guitar lessons site!! Hahaha (Serious! Ask somebody)

Look, I can't reveal the details of this stuff in public, only for a coaching client.

And then here's the kicker: I don't have coaching clients. But I do teach a class. A class on how to get CASH.

I'll teach you how you are OVERTHINKING everything and it is really incredibly SIMPLE. It will SAVE you eons of time and MONEY.

My class occurs every Tuesday and Wednesday for 3 to 5 hours each time. Come on live.. and type me multiple questions on your domains and Ill answer them for you. For best results, Write them down ahead of time!

You know, the stuff that really frustrates you.. The stuff that no one is advanced enough on youtube to explain to you..

The stuff that millions are made of.

You ask me for domains? Ill mine domains for you on the call.

Come to my CLASS, Ive done over 500 of them since 2011, twice a week and know how to be the best mentor you ever had.


Jamie Lewis

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